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See More Unsecured Cards for Bad Credit One thing to consider with guaranteed approval credit cards is that many of them are secured credit cards.

A prepaid card works can be used in place of a credit card for many situations, including making purchases both in-store and online.

Unlike a credit card, however, prepaid cards aren’t attached to credit lines; instead, the card will use pre-loaded funds to pay for purchases.

Generally speaking, a credit score of between 300 (the lowest FICO score) and 650 is considered bad credit.

However, some card issuers will consider scores of 550 to 650 as being simply poor credit and may consider you for an unsecured credit card.

And because issuers of these cards report to the three major credit bureaus, their proper and responsible use can help to rebuild credit scores.

Here are several secured credit cards to start your search: The Capital One® Secured Mastercard® is a secured card with an initial credit line of 0, and it offers credit line increases in as few as 5 months if you make your monthly payments.

Most issuers of this type of card will require you to have an active checking account and to show proof of income that exceeds a certain minimum amount.

There is also the question of just how bad your credit is.

But if used responsibly, they can help to rebuild credit and lead to you getting an unsecured card with more favorable terms.

Here are some of our top-rated unsecured cards for you to consider: The Finger Hut Credit Account is designed specifically for those with damaged credit.

This credit card requires applicants to have a valid checking account and enables cardholders to build credit through responsible use.

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