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Further, MSI continues to use the United States legal system inappropriately as a front in a quest to maintain its monopoly over two-way land mobile radios in the United States.“Despite Motorola Solutions’ press statements, not only do these patent decisions have zero effect on Hytera’s current products, customers or dealers, the PTAB invalidated key claims on a patent MSI knew all along is about to expire anyway,” said Tom Wineland, Vice President, Sales for Hytera.“It makes an educated industry observer seriously question the goals of MSI’s litigation.”Hytera believes Motorola Solutions’ use of omission and exaggeration in its press statements is aimed at confusing buyers and interfering with its ability to serve its dealers. It also intends to appeal the decisions on both the ’284 and ’991 applications.“The fact is, Hytera is succeeding in expanding choice for land mobile radio buyers, regardless of our competitor’s efforts,” added Wineland.

An important pro-patent feature of all three post-grant procedures is the estoppel effect that accompanies the PTAB's decision.

A final decision in an IPR, for instance, estops a petitioner from raising in a later civil or International Trade Commission action any ground of validity it "raised or reasonably could have raised" during the post-issuance patent challenge proceedings.

Under the new "first-to-file" rule, an IPR may be filed any time after nine months have passed since the patent's issuance or after any and all PGRs pertaining to that patent have concluded, whichever comes later.

An IPR, the most common procedure, may only be instituted on the basis of lack of novelty or obviousness in view of earlier patents or printed publications.

But, if these criteria are met, the CBM may be based on the same grounds as a PGR.

For "first-to-file" patents, a CBM may be sought only after the nine-month period for initiating a PGR has passed.Unlike IPR, PGR has a limited window of availability and applies only to newer patents.A PGR must be initiated within nine months of a patent's grant or reissue, and it can only be initiated by a party that has not previously challenged the patent civilly. 6,591,111, in response to the objection of global land mobile radio communications solutions provider Hytera. – May 15, 2019) - The United States’ Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) has invalidated a key claim within Motorola Solutions’ (MSI) Patent No.This invalidation rate is even more drastic when considering that IPR, the mainstay of USPTO post-issuance challenges, allows patent challenges on fewer grounds than the counterpart procedures in Europe and Japan.

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