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You're never going to pick the apple with a few blemishes when there is a perfect one within arms reach.The dating market is so saturated with guys that girls have the pick of the litter.i know using it for a year on and off back then I'd pretty easily get at least a couple dates a month and probably more if i wanted and I'm not an amazing looking guy or anything.

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I was also super honest on my profile about not being comfortable or available for meeting within the first few weeks.

My job kept me out of town and both our time is valuable.

During conversations, absolutely make sure that you are asking questions (or at least giving her enough to comment on).

I unmatched plenty of guys when their conversation got so dull that I couldn't even bother carrying the convo.

It sucks from both sides, as a woman, that saturation was exhausting.

I got so many messages that weren't personalized or ignored fairly apparent and important things on my profile and it made it hard to have the energy for to the good ones.

If you are a Christian and want a Christian partner, don't message an atheist that states the dislike organized religion.

Also starting with Hey, Hi or the like doesn't set you apart, I'd often reply and get a one word answer.

It can be very disheartening going weeks without a match on tinder or have a girl ghost you out of the blue, especially after a couple months of seeing each other because someone better came along.

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