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Or upriver at the source of port in vineyard estates -- quintas -- scattered across the Douro hills.

Sleek floating hotels provide weeklong cruises punctuated by plenty of wine-estate tastings.

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

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It's famed for steak -- at Restaurante Balbina they barbecue it on the fireplace.

Douro delicacies include lamprey (parasitic, eel-like river critters) cooked in red wine with rice; pork innards in blood (papas de sarrabulho), baby goat (cabrito), fried octopus (polvo frito), salt-cod pie (bolo de bacalhau) and wonderful smoked sausages served with broccoli raab (alheiras com grelos).

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Food is big here, whether in gourmet hangouts like The Yeatman, Largo do Paco and DOC, or rustic restaurants serving gargantuan portions -- as is the case at Tasquinha do Fumo near Baiao or the belt-busting O Sapo in Penafiel.

There's a dazzling array of distinctive accommodation along the Douro.

Grapes grown on its steeply rising banks have been sending forth legendary port wines for centuries. From the upper deck of Dom Luis I Bridge, Porto presents a stunning urban landscape.

Its heart is a UNESCO Heritage site centered on the quayside Ribeira district's cluster of brightly painted houses.

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