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If you're looking to hook up locally, I suggest you sign up and take a look around, just make sure you don't say anything if you spot a neighbor…

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We recommend you take your time while scrolling through our sexy member base.

You can access your account and all of your contacts on mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Shag dating is all the fun right now, then again, when was it not?

I remember a few years back when I just couldn't find a girl to hook up with, it was next to impossible, then I stumbled across a few dating sites online, i'm talking the early days, when they first came about, it was great.

Don't be surprised if all she wants is a one night stand and nothing more. Dating an older women has always been bit of a taboo, I can't say that I haven't thought about it a few times.

I used to fancy the pants off some of the teachers I used to have, they were hot, much more confident and open than the girls in my class.

Suddenly, everyone had access to these amazing sites where they could just chat to singles from all over and meet them. Around a year ago we setup Shag In Your Postcode with the idea of a shagging local.

We found that all the current sites had members that were way too far apart which caused trouble.

As I got older things changed a little and I entered the dating game.

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