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(2014) Prevalence and Predictors of Sexual Inexperience in Adulthood.

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There is a large internet community focusing on (mostly) young men who have been unable to crack the intimacy code.

Do you have suggestions for how to improve your situation?

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I recently watched a documentary called “Shy Boys: IRL“, involving individuals who identify as experiencing involuntary celibacy (incel), also called forever alone (FA), true forced loneliness (TFL), love shy or a number of other terms.

Social skills training for adults with autism has been shown to fix social skills deficits (and would likely assist adults not on the spectrum as well.) Additionally, improving physical attractiveness, particularly through weight loss for overweight individuals has been associated with an increase in sexual behaviour.

Finally, therapy can also be used to improve low self esteem and confidence. Direct and Indirect Effects of Young Adults’ Relationship Status on Life Satisfaction through Loneliness and Perceived Social Support.

There is a direct link between between loneliness and depression (Bekhet & Zauszniewski, 2012) while Victor & Yang (2012) determined that before the age of 25 the quantity of friendships is most associated with loneliness while as individuals proceed into middle age fewer, deeper relationships become more important. Involuntary celibates, then, can be theorized to have high levels of intimate loneliness, and many also struggle with depression. Odaci & Kalkan (2010) found internet use over 5 hours a day was significantly related to both loneliness and dating anxiety. Perspectives On Psychological Science (Sage Publications Inc.), 10(2), 238-249 12p.

Involuntary celibates are likely to interpret social situations as negatively as possible, which can impair their ability to befriend the opposite sex. doi:10.1177/1745691615570616 Donnelly, D., Burgess, E., Anderson, S., Davis, R., & Dillard, J.

While this article is written from the perspective of men pursuing women, but women can be FA/incel as well. This means that they responded well to positive social interaction when they could obtain it. Journal Of Autism & Developmental Disorders, 42(6), 1094-1103 10p. Reducing loneliness amongst older people: a systematic search and narrative review.

Loneliness is defined as a difference between an individual’s desired social relationships and their actual relationships (either in quantity or emotional quality.) Researchers have identified three dimensions of loneliness, intimate loneliness, relational loneliness, and collective loneliness. al., 2015) Intimate loneliness refers to your romantic partners, relational loneliness to friends and acquaintances, while collective loneliness refers to loneliness in the context of being part of a larger community like students or professionals. (2016) found that self report ratings were the best source of how lonely an individual actually feels, and that romantic partners (where they exist) were more accurate than friends or parents in predicting this in a sample of first year college students. Yao & Zhong (2014) found that internet addiction was associated with increasing levels of loneliness, while online contacts did not reduce loneliness as was expected. doi:10.1007/s10803-011-1350-6 Hagan, R., Manktelow, R., Taylor, B.

Anecdotally it appears that a combination of a lack of risk-taking combined with shyness and maldadaptive cognitions lead lonely individuals to pre-emptively fear rejection and therefore not pursue romantic partners, leading to increased loneliness in a vicious cycle.

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