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Since the PS2 library is so immense and filled with so many wonderful titles (and also has had a lot of exposure over the years), I wanted to get more particular about which games I include in this Hidden Gems feature.

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The games I’m thinking of include Katamari Damacy, Shadow of the Colossus, the Viewtiful Joe Series, Disgea, Okami, Odin Sphere, Guilty Gear, Beyond Good & Evil, and Rez.

So when you notice I don’t list these games below, you’ll know why.

Don’t expect a great story or intense challenges from Klonoa 2, but you will be treated to some great visuals and lots of fun.

“Because of its airtight gameplay, awesome visuals, and great soundtrack, Klonoa 2 is an almost perfect platform game–almost.

A special thanks to those the contributed their game summaries: Bullet Magnet, Nebachadnezza R, bonegolem, roushimsx, Perseid, executioner, and everyone else in the forum that pitched in with ideas!

If you have more games to share, please use the comments section below and I’m terribly sorry if we overlooked your personal favorite!

Though many of them might be older games that she hasn't had time to actually do a review on yet! *giggles* This year brings many many new things to the world of gaming.

With the possible announcement of new systems *fingers crossed* there will be much to look forward to at first E3 then Comic Con and of course Zephy and Edalyne's favorite BLIZZCON!!

Instead I hope you find a number of games that you haven’t heard of (or at least not much) that catch your eye and eventually provide you with hours of enjoyment..

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