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Buy the book on Amazon – The Heath’s put together this incredible book on the confliction between the two different systems in our brain.

These systems, are the emotional mind and rational mind, both of which constantly compete with each other in everything we do.

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Goleman explains emotional intelligence in much more detail within his book.

Adding this to your reading arsenal would be a wise move!

All the best science behind habits, thoughts and decisions has been written down for us to read.

There’s so much useful knowledge we can obtain from truly understanding how our brains function.

Buy the book on Amazon – DRSo Z Stumbling on Happiness comes at psychology from a slightly different angle.

Within this book, you’ll find some incredible insights on humans’ abilities to predict the future, as well as whether or not we’re able to confidently predict whether we’ll like it or not once we get there.Imagination, illusion and misconception are the core topics discussed within this masterpiece written by Daniel Gilbert.Buy the book on Amazon – YVm8p Sometimes I think too many people put emphasis on IQ, and not EQ.Cialdini explains exactly what makes people say the word , and how you can apply this understanding to any situation in your own life.There are six principles involved in any type of persuasion, and this book teaches them all.Kahneman explains in detail the two systems that control how we think and act.

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