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“He [the boss] said we should go to another company, but this is not possible without our papers. “Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be dead.We need to be rescued from the situation because this is also about our families in Nepal,” said Gurung.Out of 150 workers, only 15-20 workers now remain in Qatar, he said.

Nepal receives billions of rupees every year as remittance from migrant labour, but at the cost of its citizens.

Between 2008-2018, a total of 6,708 Nepalis, who had migrated for foreign employment, died in 34 host countries.

“There are many Nepali workers who have worked for the company, from two years to as long as 15 years.

Their dues are huge, which the company has said cannot be cleared at once,” said Gyanwali.

The migrants pointed to the Nepal Embassy in Qatar and the Labour Court for not doing enough for them.

The Nepali Embassy in Doha, however, said that it was aware of the workers’ situation.Month after month, our situation is getting worse,” Dil Prasad says in the video. Since winning the hosting rights in 2010, the Gulf nation has come under severe criticism for the exploitation of its nearly two-million-strong migrant labour force.In 2013, an investigation by the British Guardian newspaper had uncovered similar working and living conditions of migrant workers, calling them World Cup ‘slaves’.“While the workers are demanding clearance of all dues, the company says it will await the labour court’s decision,” said Gyanwali.Gyanwali, however, said that many workers had already returned to Nepal after the company provided them with an air ticket and some money.In March, after four months without money, we stopped working,” Gurung says in the video.

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