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The actor said it was the most meaningful encouragement he has ever received for a performance.During the film shoot in Germany, Oliver Stone's mother died.Ifans made his small screen debut as the host of Welsh children's TV show, Stwnsh.

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There's a sticker for the Tor network in the cover of Snowden's laptop.

Tor is a networking method used for anonymous connections.

[on working with a stellar cast in Anonymous (2011)] You'd think that a cast of that stature would be intimidating, and it was quite the opposite.

Edward Snowden's parents attended a screening of the film, and praised Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his portrayal of their son.

The novel is considered fictional, but based on interviews with Snowden.

In real-life, Oliver Stone met with Laura Poitras to discuss their respective films on Edward Snowden (the filming of Poitras' documentary is depicted in Snowden). Then the release was delayed until May 2016 because the visual effects were too complex to be completed in time.

According to Poitras, Stone suggested to her that the documentary be released after the feature film, even though the documentary was completed first, because he believed the feature would reach a wider audience. After the film was fully completed, it was re-scheduled again for the 16th Sept.

Poitras claimed she took offense to that and did not meet with Stone again. 2016 because the distributor wanted to avoid the competing summer blockbusters.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt played Blake in The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

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