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He’s trying to figure out how to be a better person, and she’s the tool to get him there.She makes him feel like he has some worth and is finally doing something right.When you read that Ross Partridge’s remarkable film “Lamb” is about a 47-year-old man who meets an 11-year-old girl and decides to take her on an impromptu road trip, you figure that the title is a reference to the girl caught in a typical predator-prey dynamic with her captor.

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He felt he was of an older generation, and that he was living during an era where he didn’t belong.

The music that he grew up listening to was from his grandparents’ generation, and he loved it so much that it became his anthem.

Both of Oona’s sisters are great actors themselves.

Anyway, Oona’s mother got ahold of the script for “Lamb,” read it and started weeping.

Her parents were really incredible too, and they were the reason why she made the film. Oona was originally not going to be able to make our audition.

Her father had read the synopsis and was like, “Eh, I don’t know this.” At the same time, one of Oona’s sisters, who was 5 at the time, was working on a show in Chicago, and her mother was there with her.What he’s feeling isn’t rational or intellectual, it’s purely emotional.People might think that David’s attraction to Tommie is sexual, and that’s not what it is at all.What was it about the subject matter in Bonnie’s book that spoke to you?I think it was just the despair of these characters and where they’re at in their lives.Having two characters come together in this way usually has much more negative connotations.

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