Roy qiu and rainie yang dating

Private Photo Exposed Displeased by this statement, a netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant lashed out at Roy on Sina Weibo.

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After collaborating in three idol dramas in 2011, Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) and mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) set off speculations that they had become an item.

The rumor gained momentum when Roy taped a picture of Tiffany in his race car in March 2012, calling her his good luck charm.

Rainie said in an interview back in 2008 that the break up just devastated her.

She sent him a text that she didn’t think it was working and they needed a break. She thought he used the break to decided they should give it another go, only for Roy to say that he agreed with her text that they should break up.

At the press conference for OG, Roy was of course asked about Rainie, and he complimented her on her acting prowess and said that when he watches her onscreen now, he feels like a viewer and she seems like a star.

Rainie and Roy dated for quite some time during the early days when they both debuted.

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Of all the three leading men in the heated Sunday night competition in Taiwan dramas, it’s hands down Roy Qiu that’s getting the most career boost out of his role as bottom-dwelling chaebol heir Qin Zi Qi in , but neither is garnering anywhere near the level of media adoration as Roy. Roy’s not a newbie by any measure of acting or singing, but when he hit a career lull back in 2005 he decided to go serve his military duty for 2 years.

In fact, for Roy and Rainie Yang, their years long relationship early in their careers remains something both consider the most intense and unforgettable in their dating history.

While Alice and Roy have a wonderfully breezy and rat-a-tat chemistry onscreen, I can’t see them becoming a couple in real life. But I still love it when they act lovey dovey for the media, because who doesn’t love fan service.

Last year, rumors of a breakup arose when it was reported that Tiffany’s mother was unsatisfied with Roy’s inferior educational background and that Tiffany had transferred her affections to her costar Luo Jin (羅晉).

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