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Who do you think you are waltzing in like you’re some kind of superstar? If you think you’re such a tough cookie, then carry on reading at your own risk.

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Call it over-protective, annoying or whatever the hell you want to!

But as long as she’s with you, I’ll want to make sure she’s OK every single second.

You’ll never love her as much as I do and the best thing is she knows that!

The word “stalker” was actually made for Arab fathers, so yeah, I don’t want to hear about what you did today, your scores or your latest job offer, I already know.

That’s if I’m in a good mood and let her stay out that late with you in the first place!

But yeah, respect my winter curfew and don’t try to be a smart ass and say something like “What difference will this half an hour make? It gets darker in the winter earlier and so people aren’t out so late…

So unless you want to be met with some annoying comment that will break that confidence of yours or a mean stare, just remember who I am and address me with “I expect you to respect me at all times.

Just because my daughter fell in love with you, does not give you any right to compare yourself to me.

So regardless of whether she’s your girlfriend, your fiancee or your wife, she’ll still always be MY DAUGHTER!

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