Schick krona dating

Dating Schick Injector Razors is not as easy as dating some other popular razors like Gillettes.After the addition of the bakelite handle in 1936, the outward appearance of the razor changed very little until the mid 1950's.

After the 1930's, Schick rarely produced de luxe versions of their razors like Gillette and others did.

Some notable exceptions: the gold plated and gold filled handles released by Eversharp in 19, the up-scale "Golden 500" model released in the early 1960's, and the International Silver version with the "Paul Revere" tableware handle that appeared in the early 1970's.

Any day on e Bay you can see dozens of them for sale, and relatively few bids out, at least for the common ones.

After all, they all look just the same, don't they? But look again, there's more to this razor than meets the eye.

While second in sales to Gillette globally, Schick is the top selling brand of safety razors and blades in Japan.

The Schick Injector Razor is a familiar piece of shaving hardware.

However, there are several ways to place a Schick Injector Razor into at least a period of time, if not an exact year.

There are manufacturing codes on most Schick razor products made since about 1960.

Schick is a brand of personal care and safety razors owned by Edgewell Personal Care.

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