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One thing that has worked for Sebastian Stan especially throughout his career in Hollywood is his great physique.

More so one would agree that to play a character like Bucky in the , the said actor needed to have a good combination of acting chops, looks, and body structure.

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His parents had separated when he was just two years old.

Following the outbreak of the Romanian Revolution in 1990, he moved to Vienna, Austria with his mother, Georgeta Orloveschi, who was a pianist. The 35-year-old actor attended Rockland County Day School, before enrolling in Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Sebastian Stan adds up to the growing number of thespians on the rise who have got a lot more to prove in Hollywood.

Popularly, he is known as the prolific actor of Romanian heritage who gained wide traction after his role as James ‘Bucky’ Barnes a.k.a the ‘Winter Soldier’ in the films, Do read on for more compelling facts about his early life and relationships.

Though he has never been married, his earliest most publicized relationship was in 2008 with actress Leighton Meester who happened to be his co-star in the television series, However, this relationship also went south as they broke up in 2013 just after less than a year of dating.

In July 2014, Sebastian Stan entered into a relationship with yet another actress named Margarita Levieva.

Interestingly Georgeta and Anthony met as a result of the fact that Stan was a student of the school.

As a student at Rockland, Sebastian Stan got lots of opportunities to be featured in the school’s productions.

She was a co-star with him in the 2009 movie, It’s no hidden secret that there has been a recent spate of celebrities coming out of the closet to publicly declare their sexual orientation especially considering the lowered tension the LBGTQ community is experiencing in recent times.

Though the tension still exists, it is at it’s minimal as compared with previous years.

When Sebastian was just two years of age, his parents filed for a divorce and went their separate ways.

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