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But those who stick around after the Ridley Scott horror-space movie, out in the U. this Friday and overseas last week, just get pointed online, to the website of Weyland Industries, the imaginary corporation behind the space ship Prometheus’ mission.

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Those crazy kids must have been smashed right up against each other, and the movement of those shoes suggests something out of a Grey’s Anatomy supply closet, right?

In Wetherell’s mind, the couple’s feet “are in an embrace” and “not having sex as everyone says.” The addition of the feet ended up making the final movie because, when director Alfonso Cuarón spotted the moment, he started laughing and “just went nuts.” As Wetherell explained, Cuarón liked that “it was just something there that was amusing for the adults in the audience and kids wouldn’t really understand.” Originally, Wetherell suggested doing more with the feet, but Cuarón told him no, just leave them and move on.

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It’s become de rigeur for potential blockbusters to offer a laugh or a teaser to those fans who sit through the credits (not that one shouldn’t stay anyway, out of respect for the key grips and costume assistants of the world).

And it’s only a minute of play-time so you can play over and over and over again, starting…now.

Potterphiles are likely already aware of this, but the more casual Harry Potter fan and his or her children may not be aware that in the end credits of the third Harry Potter movie, Prisoner of Azkaban, there is an Easter egg that implies sexual lasciviousness.

Weyland’s 2023 TED Talk Well, here’s another hint at things to come: in the next 11 years, a lot will change at TED’s ideas-conference hub.

For one thing, TED talks will have become super sparkly, arena-filling events—and Power Point seems to have become a thing of the past.

—the website is friendly for those who haven’t yet seen the film. (MORE: TIME’s Richard Corliss reviews viewing experience with a little more background on Weyland, we break down the three coolest features of the company’s website: The Corporate Timeline This page’s URL is touted at the end of the movie, even though a corporate timeline is a pretty basic function.

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