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But when the Protectors themfelves, and Pillars of the Reformed Religion, were taken away.

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U: The Second Volume of THE ECCLESIASTICALL , HISTORY' , Pl SSl ' ! Whereunrd is added, in this Volume, the Life of the Author, M'. Together, With divers materiall matters, left out in all Editions fince the firft. 1 54 1 m^mi ■«arts t 'tniwnn wiiff" v - ,:v; Ji l£ 4K ^Sl mm 7m ' I ML r? ^i^';; m S0km wm m fe Vi ^ ■PS /6t THE LIFE OF M f OHft C f OX o Tranftated but of the Latinc.

Forhrft, thatfo memorable a man fhould be unknown topofterity, even the injury done him, by thole who had ill handled his Story, would notfuffer : neither was it fafe, that any but his own friends fhould under- take to right him : and what reafbn is there, that his Sonnes credit fhould be more fufpected, then the force of their anger, and grief, whodefire that no memory of him might at all remain. monalty of that Town, well reputed of, and of good ftate.

But even then he began to give eaineft of what he afterward proved) for that neither thole firft flouriihes of his youth were fpent, but in holy Hiftorics of the Bible : nor followed he that vein long.

He betook himfelf to the ftudy of Divinity with fomewhat more fervency, then circumfpe&ion, and difcovered himfelf in favour of the Refor- mation then in hand, before he was known to them that maintained the caufe 4 or Were of ability to protect the maintainers of it : whence grew his firft troubles. uncertain what courfe to take, being at va- riance with the Pope, and unrefolved in himfelf,thlnking the affairs of the Church (then grown to an infinite height of power and pride) neither in all refpe&s tolle- rable,nor chat it was necei Tary wholly to alter them,while he defired to flie w mo- deration in both, prevailed in neither, obfeuring an aft, then which none was of more glory fince the world began, by an unprofitable indifterency.

The firft news of the aboliftiing the Popes iupremacy was as profperous as welcome to the Reformers ; and divers joyned A 4 v themlelve^ The Life of M after John Fox, thcmfclvesto'themoutof love to the truth, being further allured of the Kings intentions, by the punifhment taken on fome of the contrary part, and efpecially when the Abbies.

were diffolved; nor was their hope a little increafed, when they perceived the Noblemen more or lette to rife in the good opinion and fa- vour of the King, as any of them moft oppofed the Popes dominion.

Thus by their cruelty, and the patience of Princes, who fufrered,it the greateft part of thefe diffenfions were appeafed : neither hitherto were all tracks of the old Romanevertue quite worne our, at leaftwife fome refemblances of vertue remained among many things that were perverted, and by long time utterly de^ faced.

Afterward the Pope grown bolder by good fucceffe, began to draw to himfelf all power, and authority ; nor contented to have weakned the eftate of the Roman Empire alone, now, longed to be fingring the Scepters of other Princes; and to compaffe his defigne, (pared not to violate any humane, or divine right : mean while the Clergy little weighed with how great dammage to Religion, men of fpottedlife and converfation werefometimes chofen to the Papacy, bywhofe example the ftri£tneffe of life, ufedby their forefathers, was drawn into fcorn, and their poverty into exprobration ; The induttry of the Priefthood languifhed, and on the contrary fide ambition, riot, and avarice began to raign among them.

In the Univerfities, and Schooles there was yet no open change, or innovation : I know not whether through fear, or that they would not be followers.

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