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In this modern day and age, a website can be a place containing valuable information.For new members or those who are just visiting, it can tell one what one needs to know quickly; such as when worship services are, how the church can be located or contacted, what policies it operates by, and what programs are offered.I remember, as a young rabbi, utilizing a fish head with little children at a Rosh Hashanah service in which we said blessings over these symbolic foods. A date, in Hebrew, is the word “tamar.” With dates in hand we recite, “May it be your will, Lord God, that all our suffering be finished.

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We asked about starting services earlier or later, and people showed their preferences.

Approximated 25% of you preferred an early service; another quarter would rather have the late service, and almost half wanted something in the middle.

We intone, “May our mitzvoth be as numerous as the rimon.” Not too long ago there was an article in the Jewish week of a woman who had made a practice of counting the seeds of many , and then averaging the number. Last, but not least, we include the “selek” or beet.

With the beet, we intone, ”Our God and God of our ancestors, make evil be banished from us” .

Taking apples with honey in hand symbolizes making a claim to heaven that we will use God’s bounty only for mitzvah and not for transgression. Therefore, a small piece of gefilte fish does the trick and we can intone, “May we be for a head and not a tail,” meaning, “May we be leaders who are in charge in the next year.” There is a custom to have yet another fish on the table with which we remember that God’s eye of providence is one that neither sleeps nor slumbers, and this is true of fish as well, which apparently never shut their eyes.

Over these items we say, “May it be your will, our God, that we have a year that is sweet and good.” The third food is typically a piece of gefilte fish, or, if you are really ambitious, the head of the fish. The fifth item on the platter should be leeks, which in Aramaic are called “kra.” The same word is used to form the word “karet.” Variations celebrate God, who is , symbolizing the making of a covenant with us or to hope that we should avoid being “cut off.” The sixth item is dates.As a compromise, we will start services on Friday nights at PM, and we will be investigating the possibility of adding earlier family-friendly services periodically throughout the year. Also, I’m very excited to pray with you this High Holiday season, and wanted to remind you that if there is a special melody you would like to hear on the holidays, please give me a call at the shul to schedule an appointment.Finally, there are still a lot of you I’d like to meet, so please stop by the shul, call or send an e-mail!There are 10 special foods that we associate with Rosh Hashanah, and it is a customary to set them all out on the table for the holiday.We say a special prayer for each of them, using their Hebrew names as a kind of pun that ties into the themes of the holiday.There are a few people that I would like to acknowledge for going above and beyond in the last fifteen months, and those who have contributed significantly in the last few years.

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