Sex with ball christian dating of divorcees

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This causes the base of your shaft to maintain constant contact with her clitoris. Push your pelvis down a few inches while she pushes up.

Hot tip: Instead of thrusting up and down, rock forward and back to (hopefully) provide enough stimulation for her to orgasm.

Make this position even better by grinding your pelvis in a circular motion.

Also known as: Head Rush Benefits: The blood will rush to your other head too.

The Sex Ball has fluid sexuality and is happy to service a dude as well.

Lube sex ball's eternal erection (aka suction cup dildo) and have your partner back his ass onto it.

Technique: Move to the edge of the bed and lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor as she straddles you.

The blood will rush to your head creating mind-blowing sensations upon orgasm.

Also known as: Over Your Shoulder, The Hamstring Stretch Benefits: This is the best sex position for women who are particularly sensitive along one side of the clitoris.

Technique: Kneel on the floor with her lying on the edge of the bed.

He rolls the ball to pull you in deeper, which feels super intimate. Let your head hang back, go limp, and let him hold onto you while he goes down on you.

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