Shonna tucker and john neff dating

We started it off by recording twenty-five new songs in twenty-five days.

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Selmer was the same town we visited a few years earlier on our album The Dirty South, as it was the home of Sherriff Buford Pusser and all of the exploits he was involved in, many deeply involving some folks from my hometown that inspired a few of the songs on that album. As a touring band, we have frequently found ourselves in the exact place and time as the national front-page story of the moment.

We've laughed, uncomfortably about it for years, but it keeps on happening and sometimes it gets a little creepy.

The highs and lows associated with the road and the lives we lead bring a bipolar whiplash of emotions and our songs often reflect that.

I came home from Europe and flew to San Francisco two days later. We try really hard to make it worth their hard earned money. We've often set our songs and albums in different periods of time, but this one finds us directly in our present.

I wrote "Daddy Learned To Fly" on the plane out there. A week later AIG went bankrupt and our national economy collapsed. People are losing jobs and it scares the shit out of me. Riding all through the highways of America (and Europe) trying to make sense of a very different world than the one we grew up in.

It was inspired by an unspeakable loss that I still can't quite comprehend or get over. Sometimes I feel disconnected but that's not always such a bad thing. Starring: Shonna Tucker, Jay Gonzalez, Patterson Hood, Brad Morgan, John Neff and Mike Cooley Backup Vocal Stylings by The Bottom Feeders (USA) Special Guest: David Barbe Produced, Engineered and Mixed by David Barbe; Chase Park Transduction Studios, Athens, GA.

A couple of days later, we were playing at The Democratic Convention in Denver and got the call to make an album with Booker T. I'm not nearly old enough to bury my head in the dirt and dwell on the good ole days, as I am quite positive and cautiously optimistic. Recorded in 2009, 16 tracks of glorious 2" analog tape. Mastered by Glenn Schick at GS Mastering, Atlanta, GA. Interns - Drew Carroll, William Brookshire, Thomas Johnson and Scott Lee Art Direction - Lilla Hood - and Paintings - Wes Freed at Willard's Garage, Richmond VA. and Jason Wilson at Alabama Ass Whuppin', Santa Rosa, CA.

There's a world of bad shit going down but I've also seen some great strides and some amazing improvements happen during my lifetime. Vinyl was Half Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker at SRM, Ridgecrest, CA. Willard's Garage maintained by Jyl Freed - BIG PERSONNEL Management - Kevin Morris and Christine Stauder at Red Light Management, NYC. Business Management - Tom Scott CPA and Robert Bachman CPA at Trinity Accounting Group, Athens, GA.

No concept or intentional story line here, yet as we sit down to sequence, it somehow seems to imply otherwise.

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