Should christians do internet dating best poz dating site

But this didn’t stop guys from all sorts of religious backgrounds and walks of life from contacting me.

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So I’ve also tried out the Christian dating sites, and well….they’re a bit naff to be honest.

I’m a millennial, and millennials like progressive things, and the truth is that I want to use something a bit more socially progressive than Christian Connection or Christian Mingle, and that means Tinder. (Read on to find out if I’m still using it) On my personal bio, I explicitly stated that I’m a Christian, looking to meet another Christian.

Undoubtedly, out of 25 million active Tinder users, some of them will be Christian. I have nothing against unbelievers, but it’s a known fact that there are some significant lifestyle differences especially relating to premarital sex.

Some of the men I spoke to made me feel like a commodity.

If they take your fancy, you “swipe right.” If they also swipe right on your photo, then bingo – it’s a match and you can start messaging.

It was launched in 2012, and in 2016 had 9 million monthly users, going upwards.

Is this saying something about what’s driving people to use the app?

Just like other social media platforms, Tinder is very accessible, and can quickly become highly addictive. There was something rewarding about getting a notification on my phone saying, “Congratulations! You can immediately enter into a conversation with a complete stranger, with the only known thing in common that you both find each other attractive!

It doesn’t sound bad at surface level, but deep down I think I didn’t really trust God.

It’s easy to convince yourself that you trust God, but then be doing everything you can to make things happen.

Interestingly, most online dating sites report that their busiest day of the year is the Sunday after New Years, when people are faced with the end of the holiday merriment and have to return to work.

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