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Loop lawyers and Wall Street mavens could be popping the question at record rates.

(Seattle ranks third on Dating Advice's list, which could just prove that Microsoft nerds are too scared to talk to women.)Manly-man blogger Matt Forney, a Syracuse native who relocated to Portland expecting great things (he must read the New York Times), certainly isn't impressed with Portland's singles scene."Portland truly is a magnet for people who want to do nothing with their lives at all," he wrote last year, riffing off the "Portlandia" line.

Portland Singles is designed to help local singles find happiness and companionship.

"In these 15 cities, it's practically raining men," the site writes.

But are they the kind of men you want dropping from the sky around you?

Milwaukee, one ahead of the Rose City at number eleven, has 101,368, and Baltimore, at number 10, has 101,968.

But maybe New York and Chicago, which failed to make Dating Advice's list, are actually better places for single women ... It could be that those big, international cities slipped through the site's formula because the women there pair off pretty quickly.

Besides, you have to wonder about the criteria employed by Dating Advice. Gambling haven Las Vegas, where what happens to you stays there?

And how 'bout dat Milwaukee up dere in Wisconsin, eh?

Many aren’t shy about engaging with strangers if drinks are flowing, and if you know where to look it shouldn’t be too hard to snag digits here and there.

Only a handful of the bars below are explicitly known as hook-up bars, but if you’re willing to do the work and build off chance encounters in the right environment, the sky’s the limit for singles in the Rose City.

This immensely popular music venue in Portland’s uber-hip Lower Burnside bar district is a great place to bond with someone over a shared love of music.

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