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It’s a way to connect and find out what’s happening in everyone’s life.

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When you’re out and about trying to meet new people, you can feel like you’re getting more rejection than making connections. What feels like a rejection might be the first step in forming a friendship down the road. Remind yourself that you’re a great person to be friends with. Call up a friend after a hard day of trying to make connections and share your frustrations and funny moments.

Until then, go online to Facebook or Instagram so you can feel like yourself again. This will help keep your confidence up as you make your way meeting others.

Contact the library, town center, or chamber of commerce in your town to see if there are groups like book clubs, sports groups, or civic organizations looking for people to join.

If you tell the folks working at these venues that you’re new in town, they’ll be happy to connect you with opportunities that are only known through word of mouth.

When you give out the vibe that you’re comfortable with who you are, others will naturally be attracted to you.

You’ll actually make more friends this way that if you came off desperate.

For instance, the person who seems unfriendly and doesn’t go out of their way might be the very one you bond with later on as you spend more time getting to know the group.

The one who was super-friendly right from the start might be the one who gossips about you later on.

You don’t need to feel lonely just because you’re alone for part of the time right now.

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