Sophos updating credentials

- Protect your existing management server with Sophos Central you should first uninstall the previous management and client software before re-installing the Sophos Central endpoint solution.

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On networked computers, this occurs once on hour (this is shown as 60 minutes on the status page of the GUI screen).

To find out when the program last updated itself, you can view the log by running the command If you encounter any problems there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web page with answers to some of the most common issues that people encounter.

Later, a user can log on to the computer by using the domain account, even if the domain controller that authenticated the user is unavailable.

Because the user has already been authenticated, Windows uses the cached credentials to log the user on locally.

In this case the kernel isn't supported and the result is that on-acceess scanning is disabled.

Once they have expired, Sophos will no longer be updated, and your computer will be more vulnerable to new viruses etc.

Basically, this scenario—supported with solutions like Web Active Directory’s People Password product—occurs when users who don’t regularly log directly into a domain and authenticate against a domain controller forget their Windows password.

This includes VPN-connected users as well as users who take advantage of resources like portals that store user credentials in AD.

For example, suppose a mobile user uses a domain account to log on to a laptop that is joined to a domain.

Then, the user takes the laptop to a location where the domain is unavailable.

Then all kinds of problems can occur when a user tries to access domain resources and the main problem is repeated account lockouts because the Windows client is passing invalid cached credentials to a domain controller.

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