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The bar itself is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine from their extensive list or one of their signature cocktails and provides a beautiful setting for our events.

Situated between the world-famous Matthew Street and trendy Victoria Street, this edition of the all-conquering vodka bar is right in the heart of Liverpool's nightlife.

Each person, once the “dating” begins has 90 second to talk about their topic. 5) Smack Down: Once your rotations are done, gather as a group and have an edcamp type “smack down”.

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Let’s assume a positive presupposition: people will like something they hear.

Running with this assumption, it will be useful for participants to make contact cards with their a) names b) twitter handles c) email addresses d) blog sites and so on.

This builds anticipation & keeps the momentum moving forward all the way through the entire process. As they rotate through the group, they will write notes to help them remember what was discussed and where their interest level was.

3) Check list: Each person will have a check list with either a) each person’s twitter handle, name or I. This will be useful, again, later during the “smack down”.

This can be anything from a review for a test, to favorite ed apps, to simply a “how do you do” social exchange. Here’s the How To: 1) To Begin: The entire point of speed dating is to quickly sift sensory input to make a decision on what you do or don’t like within a super fast context.

This forces participants to think and speak concisely and listen with intent.

If you like what you hear a more in depth discussion can be had after the rounds during the “smack down”.

Whatever topic you’re covering, keep in mind that your staff or students will be spending approximately 3 minutes per person during the “speed dating” exchange. Speed dating is a setup meant to facilitate a quick exchange of information in order to sift what you like and what you don’t like.

Each person can post contact information or reflections in every group or category if they wish.

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