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Recreational beach water quality monitoring during the summer season is performed routinely on Mondays and throughout the week, as necessary, at 184 ocean monitoring stations. NAUTICAL CHARTS, BATHYMETRIC AND HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEYS The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, Office of Coast Survey maintains recent and historical nautical charts for all United States waters.Access these data and other information regarding bathymetric and hydrographic surveys at:

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Coastal data are important for land use managers, planners, emergency management personnel, municipal officials and property owners alike.

A number of agencies actively collect and maintain coastal data, and produce maps that can be very informative and useful to many people.

Aerial photographic mapping provides an upper wetlands boundary line. (You will need GIS or GIS compatable software to utilize this service.

A listing of all map numbers included in this determination are provided at N. There are free alternatives.) Please see the New Jersey Geographic Information Network Orthoimagery WMS for more information.

These data are available as a digital data layer ("HISTSHORE" coverage) via the DEP GIS program: gov/dep/gis.

Hard copies of these maps are available for review at the Department's Land Use Regulation Program office: gov/dep/landuse.

HISTORICAL SURVEYS, MAPS AND AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY The Department maintains a library of current and historical surveys, maps and aerial photography for use in operating the Tidelands Management Program.

Information about aerial photography coverage and flight dates can be obtained from the Tidelands Management Program: gov/dep/landuse/tl_

This information includes land use and land cover, soils, slopes, wetlands, lakes, streams, tidelands, geology, watershed locations and boundaries, 1995-1997 color infrared digital imagery and much more.

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