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If you still want to adjust your clock (you shouldn’t because it might have adverse effects on some of your network connections and management tools) you can run the following command: (%logonserver% can be used as a variable, but you can specify a DC name if you want).If you’re not a part of a domain and still want to update your clock automatically, you can right click the clock found on the tray area on the lower right of your screen and choose "adjust time/date".

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There are two settings and both will work, so it's your choice. 11 was enabled and set to it's max value (1440) with the scroll wheel.

Either enable No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations or set Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations to a long time interval, like 1440 minutes. I took this from my own question which was about Windows 7.

On my computer at home, it asks me again about every 5 minutes.

However, with my computer at work (both Windows XP Pro, SP3), it is more like every 3 hours that it prompts me.

It’s because many time servers have access rules, they are only available to people in a particular area or other organizational affiliations.

Once you have entered your list of servers you need to enter the following at the command prompt: This tells the time sync service that there’s configuration changes and to use the changed settings.

This leads me to believe there is a setting somewhere that configures this, but I don't know where it is.

Can anyone confirm there is a setting for this and where it might be?

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That computer can do time checks to the Internet while all the other computers in the office check off it using the NET TIME command.

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