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Your kid can use it to send some dirty compliments to his or her lover.These types of apps may seem just as a way of entertainment, but sometimes parents become nervous when their children chose this method to make jokes and view it as teen sexting.Sit down with your teen and have a real conversation.

Some of them will seem familiar to you, but the majority of installed apps will still be new and unknown for parents who do not follow mobile applications closely. Some of them can be very useful for your kid at school or in everyday life.

However, there are six apps that teens install primarily with one goal – teen sexting. Even if you have a calm and shy kid it doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t like texting.

Know how you define sex and what you think is going too far. Many Christian parents are not perfect, and many did not wait until marriage to have sex.

Some had some traumatic sexual experiences, and others had many sexual partners.

The main feature of these applications is that the messages that you send are automatically deleted by a program after they were viewed.

Hence, even if you get access to your kid’s mobile phone and want to check his or her messages, you will find nothing in i Delete or Snapchat.Talking to your children about sex is not comfortable. For most parents, the "birds and the bees" talk is one they dread. Actually, Song of Solomon tells us that sex is a beautiful thing. It's okay to be nervous about having "the conversation," but don't get so nervous that your child thinks sex is something bad. Know that your teen is probably exposed to a lot of sexual information every day. Sex is on the cover of almost every magazine in the store.Yet, take a moment to think about what your child would learn if he or she did not hear it from you. Boys and girls at school are probably talking about it regularly. Your teen is probably not as sheltered as you'd like to think. Having a conversation about sex thinking that your teen doesn't live in the information age will make your talk seem antiquated and lose its edge.Your beliefs are important, and your teen needs to hear what you think, not what others think.Today children follow the last technological trends in the world of mobile industry.

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