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Other countries that do not require parental consent for abortion include South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan and eastern Australia.

In these countries, there are either laws that state parental consent for abortion is unnecessary or there is a total absence of laws mentioning this.

In states such as Louisiana and North Dakota, both must provide parental consent for abortion.

Usually, parental consent for abortion is required for these girls, but it is not always necessary.

In the United States, parental notification laws vary greatly across the nation.

Regulations such as COPPA were created to ensure that online gaming companies and other online businesses properly gain consent from and provide notifications to parents and legal guardians when a child’s personally identifiable information (PII) could potentially be granted to a third party.

COPPA was designed to specifically protect the data of children who are under 13 years of age, but each state has their own age ranges in which parental consent for gaming and other online activities must be sought by the online companies providing the services for children to enjoy.

Some countries have some slight variations regarding parental notification and consent.

For example, in Greece, an underage is not only required to obtain permission from a parent, she also must obtain written, notarized consent from the parents.In Spain, 16- and 17-year-old girls must inform her parents unless she comes from an abusive household where the discovery of the news would cause strife. In western Australia, girls under 16 must inform a parent.Poland has enacted laws that require parental consent no matter the circumstances or how underage the girl is.This dedication to protecting the minor's confidence extends to her entire portfolio of medical information.A parent cannot access this information without the patient providing consent first.Online gaming has become a widespread phenomenon in the US since the early 2000s, bringing kids, teenagers, and adults into video game interactions that go far beyond their homes.

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