The ladder theory dating

The Ladder Theory, or "LT," is a pseudoscientific explanation of the ways in which men and women evaluate members of the opposite sex upon first impressions.

The ladder theory dating

Women placed at the top of the male ladder represent an absolute ideal of desirability, usually a combination of extreme sexual attraction and whatever other personal qualities are considered desirable by the man in question.

(These qualities may be social expectations, pragmatic concerns or nonsexual ideals, depending on the individual and his context.) Only the very bottom of the male ladder, in ladder theory, is reserved for women the man has firmly excluded from his sexual interest.

The graphs on the previous page were not thrown together arbitrarily--they represent years of field testing.

I say this because this is invariably the section I take the most flak for.

The attraction category is broken down further in the next section.

This is a change from previous versions of the ladder theory that included looks here instead of attraction.

While Ladder theory has many supporters and claims to be grounded in "decades of sociological research," the theory has never appeared in a referenced journal or scientific forum and its proponents cite no studies or data sets to support their conclusions.

Ladder theory makes unevaluated claims about how heterosexual men and women evaluate potential opposite-sex sexual partners and friends.

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I feel this is a more accurate depiction, as evidenced by experiment and peer review.

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