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I do think that a higher percentage of Odessa girls seem to get dressed up and walk the streets in heels as compared to Kiev. Again, Kiev has Odessa beat as far as sheer quantity of girls walking around.

It’s got much more of a gold-digger vibe where everything is a transaction. It was 100 degrees in July this year, but it was bearable. Maybe one, can’t remember and Google isn’t showing up. You can also try “The Bar” at Arena City for pre-night drinks.

And after the last sentence, a phone number was at the end.

You got all your stuff together, slowly got up until... It all depends on you how you use the word 'bella'.) She gathered up her stuff and was about to leave.

Throughout the whole building, there were multiple waiters. You tried to get anyone's attention, but it didn't work.

"Dads, I'm leaving" you went towards the living room to see them on the couch, covered in blankets, watching a movie. Have fun" Gilbert said "Bye, amor" Antonio said "Au revoir, mon amour" Francis said. As soon as you left they took the blankets off revealing them in their black attire. After a few minutes, you saw the familiar blonde run up to you. Little did you know that three individuals were following you. " Francis said "Ja, it iz" Gilbert said "Ay no no no, my girl is too good for that boy" Antonio said "Lets keep following them and see how it goes, if he gets frisky we take action" Gilbert said and the other two nodded.

And with that they ran out of the house, into the car and on their way to the park. He took off his famous bomber jacket and placed it over your shoulder. You blushed a bit as you put the jacket on properly. "How sweet, he's a keeper" she said smiling at you and you blushed a bit. "Stop" you said as you put your hand infront of you, stopping them in their tracks.

"Hi, Alfred" you said with a bright smile on your face. _________________________ You and Alfred had been talking for a while. " "Of course" He grabbed your hand and pulled you up.

"I'll have (favorite flavor)" She nodded and served you both your ice cream cones. "Alfie, you dont have to" "But I want to, it would be rude of me to let you pay" he said as he gave the lady the money. YOU ARENT TAKING OUR BABY GIRL" The three members of the Bad Touch Trio said as they ran towards both of you, weapons in hand. I work as a waiter for the afternoon, till late at night. I went to the restroom and changed into a chef's uniform and headed straight for the kitchen. Seeing how many people there were, one particular person caught my eye. I went to the restroom once more and changed into my regular waiter uniform, and headed straight to her table. You hear a thump under the table, he then emerged back up. Seeing that the restaurant was full, my boss grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "Feliciano! You got everything together, slowly got up, then, you see a waiter heading straight towards you. He had shiny auburn hair and a curl coming out from the left side of his head. As you thought for moment, the invisible lightbulb in your head flicked on. " He said with a bit of dissapointment in his eyes. "They didnt" you thought to yourself and the rustling continued and for a moment you caught a glimpse of white hair from behind it. " After that, he left and didn't return until you finished the food.

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