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This scam is especially common among work-at-home and telecommuting jobs.

Therefore, never share your bank account information or agree to a direct deposit before checking out the company and the job to make sure they are legitimate, accepting a job offer and completing new hire paperwork.

Money Laundering Job Scams Money laundering scams are some of the most common online job scams.

During the interview, you discover that the job you applied for doesn't exist and the company tries to interest you in a completely different position.​ Career Consulting Scams You may be contacted by "career consultants" who are impressed with your resume and would like to represent you.

In addition, you may be interested in their marketing, resume writing, resume reviews, or other career-related services.​ Credit Report Scams This scam occurs when an "employer" asks to see your credit report as part of the hiring process and you end up paying a fee for obtaining a credit report or for other services.

Scammers have several purposes, depending on the scam - to collect confidential information to use for identity theft, to get you to cash fraudulent checks or to wire or send money, and to get you to pay for services or supplies.

Job scams are posted on Craigslist and other job boards and forums, as well as on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.If you're not sure, take the time to research the company to make sure the job is legitimate.There are many online job scams that take advantage of job seekers in a variety of ways.Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau.In addition to job-related scams, there are other scams related to employment.Money launderers post jobs online or simply send out emails saying they are hiring employees to help process payments or transfer funds.

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