Updatepanel onupdating event validating qualitative research

the extender control run the Script Action, Enable Action and Fade Out actions both On Updating (when the panel starts the async-postback) and On Updated (when the panel has been refreshed).

When On Updating runs, the on Updating javascript function is invoked centering the animated gif over the Grid View, the contents of the Update Panel are faded-out.

It can done easy with the help of the Update Panel Animation Extender.

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So, this problem would have been solved by doing something like: Please suggest some solution to make this work. You just have to use the button's name that is created in the page html mark-up as the Control ID.

You can find the name created by viewing the page source when you're viewing the page in the browser.

What actually happens is the Update Panel seems to do the update (the animation runs and completes) but the actual contents of the ddl Update Goal dropdownlist does not change.

It appears to be doing an async postback, but not actually running the Selected Index Changed eventhandler to change the contents of the updatepanel. (All help gratefully received, before I launch my monitor across the office!

On Updated fires the animations that are responsible for reversing these actions the Update Panel is faded back in, and the on Updated javascript function is invoked removing the animated gif.

Now fixed width div tag containing the image and set its display style to none.

but within update panel it is not happening .please help........

I have a page where a stored procedure could take a long time to load.

Some time Server take some time to bind the data to Grid View.

So we want to add a few feature like fading out the Grid View and placing progress indicator over Grid View so the user known an Operation is currently going on .

When I run my application(code),the event for button is not for link button also.--javascript error comes on status bar. But the panel doesnt seem to update itself after every postbacks. I have a user control that I am dynamically adding to a form.

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