Updating kitchen wood cabinet doors

Keeping the edges simple gives it a clean look, and helps the budget.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you may be able to find premade laminate countertops that will work beautifully with your décor and your budget.

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oak or wood cabinets need not be removed or painted.

They are trending back in, and that makes it so much easier to update the kitchen without a complete overhaul on your cabinets.

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But in short, it’s easy (no sanding or top coat), it makes your cabinets look and feel new and clean, and it brought out the natural woodgrain. Find something modern – like some statement-making square bar pulls and go for it. Ok, so maybe you don’t need to replace the cabinets, but if you have a laminate countertop with a matching 4 inch backsplash, it IS going to be hard to bring your cabinets out of the 90s. Sometimes, with labor, laminate be almost as expensive as solid surface or stone, so go shopping without preconceived notions.

Oh and one container costs about – I did the whole kitchen, the stair railings, shelves, and I still have a good amount leftover. Find something simple with minimal action, and don’t even think about adding a matching backsplash!

In my example, I brought down one of the upper cabinets.

I actually wanted to take down both cabinets on the sink wall, but we didn’t want to lose too much cabinet space. It’s a good trick to use on an island or a peninsula, even if you don’t paint the cabinets on the front.

IKEA sells premade countertops that range from to 0 for an 8 foot length.

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