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The template that you should be using for your labels is shown on the outside of the Avery label package, as in the image below.If you are not able to find your Avery label template using the steps in this article, you can download them by going to Avery’s website. Step 2: Click the Mailings tab at the top of the window.

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I did however fix the problem in a non-conventional manner.

There is Arabic that is included which I thought may have been a factor...

I confirmed that all the field codes are updating properly with the synchronize button and I even tried adding an extra next record code - no luck.

Here's a long page of all kinds of useful stuff to do with labels: Labels Tutorials Mail merge info: FSM Mail merge Tutorial I am having the same exact problem. I opened the file that has the fields (Labels with Fields), selected print to file, and then opened that file. I verified that in the options under Writer/General I have "On request" for update links.

You can then enter your address label information into the Address field at the top of the window and click the Print button when you are done.

Or you can click the New Document button to open a blank document template for the labels that you are trying to print.

My first thought was just to create a blank doc with a table, but then the spacing won't be right, to print on the 5167 labels correctly.

I don't know much about Word so hopefully I'm just missing something simple that one of you can point out.

I've followed several threads and learned how to use mail merge to create labels, but I cannot seem to get the labels to advance when I print to a file. Interestingly, if I hit print (not print to file) and save the output as a .pdf, I do get some other records, but it only give me the first 4 of 20, then a bunch of blank records and then only the 5th record alone on another page. I tired both ways: choosing print all and selecting records (hold shift) and print selected records. I followed the same steps for creating labels from my PC and had the same results.

In my Writer labels, I have the following fields: Tried that too. There must be something I am doing wrong, but I can't figure it out! personally I don't use the wizards, they seem unpredictable to me.

Step 3: Click the Labels button in the Create section of the Office ribbon.

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