Updating navbar for multi page website

Icons link from the side so you can click an icon instead of the hamburger icon.

It’s an experimental approach to navigation design but it can work on creative-oriented websites. Only try this technique if you’re going for a fullscreen layout that moves away from a traditional grid design.

This has become easier thanks to CSS and j Query plugins and many website themes now come with a sticky navbar as the default, and this trend is showing no signs on going anywhere.

Consistent navigation and usability are both important, but the fixed navbar is also handy for mobile users, where the site is naturally longer and thinner. If you have a site with lots of navigation items then it’s a good idea to keep it fixed.

It's particularly popular on portfolios or creative agencies that push the boundaries of traditional web design.

The example above from AWARD is a fantastic case of using the vertical navigation while keeping it visible at all times.

As long as the user can still consume the page content they’ll probably benefit from a universally accessible fixed navigation.

The mega menu has been popularised with the increase of magazine-style blogs.It makes sense to keep this universal navigation on every page, regardless of brand, to draw attention to other Disney products.And this trend isn’t exclusive to conglomerates or holding companies.Some companies work with or own multiple brands, and include a universal navigation across an entire website.Disney for example owns theme parks, creates games, and produces movies along with TV shows.They differ from normal drop-downs because instead of just flowing down vertically these mega menus expand wider, usually containing multiple columns of content.

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