Updating old dining room chairs

Once it was completely stripped and sanded a bit, all the wood needed was about 10 coats of polyurethane for protection.

updating old dining room chairs-4

Everything had been refinished before, so I wasn't damaging a priceless, untouched antique.

Painting the table, by the way, was the best decision ever and not just because I didn't want to do anymore sanding and removing the stain!

Either way, the dining table can turn into a symbol of joyful times spent together.

Unfortunately, I was born a few years too late and missed out on holiday dinners with the entire family in attendance.

And years later, my grandma passed it onto my mom when another donated set was coming her way.

Back in the early days of my blog, I had mentioned that one of my upcoming projects was going to be repainting this antique dining table.

The wood had been stained very dark and was in drastic need of some updating and cleaning.

The chairs were upholstered in a vinyl fabric, which I'm sure was practical at the time but not exactly my choice for farmhouse decor. Fixing up the table turned into a project that literally took decades to finish.

And if you are like me and find that you missed a few spots after you’ve cleaned up, just use a paint brush.5. After the chairs have dried, wax with Maison Blanche Lime Wax or top-coat of your choice.

Tips: Because the paint dries quick, I finished the project the same day.

If I were using a pre-opened can, I would strain the paint, to make sure there were no clumps or trash in it.

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