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Same Western Digital WD1001FALS 1.0TB Caviar Black 7200RPM 32MB Cache 3Gbp/s model as we found in one of our factory i Macs, but this one was pulled out of one of our 2010 Apple Mac Pros.This is an Apple Factory/Apple Rom unit from before these new i Macs rolled out of the same drive model p/n of one of the 1TB models we’ve so far seen used in the new i Mac 2011.While the fans are definitely noticeable in an quiet space, Apple does use fans that are very quiet even at higher speeds.

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Even after a couple hours, the reported HDD Bay fan speed remained right about 1100 in both 27″ and 21.5″ 2011 Apple i Mac models as reported by SMCFan Control.

Results from all other drives we tested in those i Mac 3.5″ drive bays: (including the same model Apple Factory Rom 1.0TB WD drive from our Mac Pro 2010) Didn’t matter which drive, no drive, or which i Mac.

I want to be very clear that I think these are absolutely the best i Macs ever.

These machines up the game considerably and provide performance that can even match up with the Mac Pro for a lot of applications.

Note: Systems were booted and then left with sleep off, display on.

We did not put these i Macs under any kind of stress load that could otherwise impact the system temperature and result in fan speed changes.

As an example of this: owners of 2010 i Macs can more easily replace their factory hard drive with a retail available drive, as long as they stick with the same make (it’s still a major job just to open up these machines, independent of other challenges). What’s different between the power connection/leads for the HD bay vs.

They could also use a different make, but they would need to make some modifications. reporting feature of today’s drives for the drive temperature information? the other bays: First, note that the HD bay has a different power connection with seven total leads, two of which are used for thermal feedback.

It’s incredible the coverage generated by yesterday’s blog article on the further i Mac upgrade restrictions.

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