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On Line 1 and 2 the RTI screens do not appear to show the time to the next train but simply destination information this is in Chinese only.

The platforms have smart pillars with engraved designs and there are occasional stations with differentiated ceiling designs.

The original two lines form the classic shape of many Chinese metros with the newer Line 3 linking the southwestern and northeastern parts of the city with the centre.

Opened in 2013 as the second line of the system, Line 1 is fully underground and runs west-east, linking Xianyang City with Xian itself, taking 44mins to travel the 25.0km.

Advanced technologies were used to protect ancient buildings from the impact of vibrations.16 Sept 2011: Xi'an North Railway Station (Beikezhan) - Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center 16 June 2014: Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center - Weiqu South (6 km, 4 stations)Xian (Western Peace/Safety) is one of Chinas four ancient capitals and, today, is one of the countrys most distinguished cities.

After much time in planning and construction, the city finally began Metro operations in 2011 and now hosts a three-line system of 88.9km (77.2km underground).

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