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Recognized and demanded by organizations worldwide, the PMP validates your competence to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams.For details on the PMP certification visit https://org/certifications/types/project-management-pmp PMI Buffalo offers PMP certification training courses multiple times a year.

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A deliverable is accepted and mark as completed only if it is accepted by the customer after checks.

Validate scope process aims to organize frequent, planned meetings with the customer or sponsor to gain formal acceptance of deliverables during Project Monitoring and Control process group.

After a deliverable is completed, it is controlled in Validate Scope process.

Approved Scope is another input of the Validate Scope process.

Scope baseline refers the last scope of a project agreed by all project stakeholders.

Validate scope process checks whether a deliverable meets its agreed requirements against the approved scope.

The customer might come with new requirements since he sees a working deliverable now.

These new requirements are initiated with a change request.

If change requests are approved by the change control board, then the change request can be implemented by the project team.

Project document updates and work performance information are other outputs of the validate scope process.

This entire process helps to validate your project management skills as well as, it ensures that you have the knowledge of the highest standard that makes you apt for the role of Project Manager.

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