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The code is pretty simple but I’m a fan of hiding away any complexities so that I don’t have to think about them when I’m working on a project.The usage for this class is pretty simple as well, requiring you pass in the XSD schemas and then call Is Valid specifying the XML file to validate.Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises XDR support for . In the Java case there are actually two implementations of package is used for all other languages.

validating the xml-72

(For SAX parsing, on the other hand, you set a property on the parser generated by the factory).

Now that the program is ready to validate with an XML Schema definition, it is necessary only to ensure that the XML document is associated with (at least) one.

It seems like validating an XML document against a schema would be a pretty simple thing to do in the .

Net framework, seeing as how they have such deep support for dealing with XML.

It is also possible to specify an absolute location, but beware that you must use URL syntax, not Path syntax.

I’m currently working on an XML File Explorer application, which I intend on highlighting XML files which do not conform to an XSD schema, as part of this I have created a class for containing the details of performing XSD validation against an XML document, which I thought I would share with you (although the XML File Explorer will be open source).

The schemas (or DTDs) needed for validation can be specified as can provide the schema to the parser.

If you don't specify any sources for the schema(s) then the parser or validator will try to resolve the URIs and "SYSTEM ID"s specified inside the document itself in order to find the schema document(s).

If you are concerned about XXE you need must pass in factory instances to the respective validators explicititly.

This section looks at the process of XML Schema validation.

No matter whether you validate a document against a schema or the schema document itself, the result of the validation is an instance of When you are defining a schema yourself, you may want to verify the schema document itself is valid - after all the schema document is an XML document as well (at least in the case of W3C's XML Schema). 1: Actually there are two of them, one for NUnit 2.x and one for NUnit 3.x.

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