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I’m here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about daygame! I have been influenced by people outside the industry who are players and naturals JOHN ELITE DOESN’T LIKE JASON CAPITAL. Also, my application to learn public speaking from him was rejected. JOHN ELITE ALSO DRINKS MORE ENERGY DRINKS A DAY LIKE 10 AND CAN EAT 10 PLATES OF FOOD IN ALL YOU CAN EAT. you’ll start seeing results with “Elite 30: From Hardcase To Hero, Elite Playbook, the Elite bootcamp” in 3 days if an easy case, 3 weeks if a normal case, 6 months if a hardcase, 1 year if an impossible case and it costs ..

“To the disgruntled ones getting burnt by every other positive stereotype dating coach. Because the people who are enlightened enough to believe that race, height, muscles matters and you have to adapt with compensation theory. The big problem was that 18 years ago I was the first daygamer as a PUA. I was day gaming racist white girls on the bus and on campus before K-Pop even existed. A lot of things didn’t work, but all the systems had a golden nugget or two to it but the rest is shit! After that, we I got many mentors in daygame thoughout my process who are naturals.

While some may see us as the crazy outsider ones, I see enlightened soldiers (metaphorically). Everything from indirect, to direct, to natural and direct until he discovered Justin Wayne.

The biggest record they have is someone eating 18 lobster tails. That’s all I ate and people around me kept getting more more since you are only allowed to eat one every time you line up…The shoes gave me more height.

Rather than being 5’7 I was actually close to 5’9 and a half.


HEIGHT DOES MATTER AND YOU WORSHIP TALL ASIAN DATING COACHES RIGHT? At this point, I have learned almost every major theory of game.JOHN ELITE DOESN’T AGE AND IS IMMUNED TO JUNK FOOD, EXTREMELY COLD WEATHER OR HOT. This 10 hour a day bootcamp for daygamers makes it simple for you to get laid more which helps you same day lay and have complete freedom of your dating life, or finally get over the sticking points or weaknesses doing a live one on one training.But I felt extremely tall like I had more presence looking down at her. MY HAIR IS SHAVED ON THE SIDES BECAUSE WHITE HAIRS ARE GROWING OUT A LOT AND I CAN’T MAINTAIN IT ANYMORE. They couldn’t smell the cologne or even see the Versace shoes since I dress more street wear. Then its all super tall guys going forward, lets not lie to ourselves…Does height matter? I’m sorry if the truth upsets you and idealistic people likes to tell you, oh just be more confident.I’M DAYGAMING AROUND A LOT OF TEENAGE GIRLS IN THIS AREA I LIVE. You can see almost everyone left the restaurant, they even closed down the buffet. I often get kicked out of buffets for eating way too much. I live around more teenage girls and wearing blazers doesn’t make sense anymore. I can get away with wearing my other Versace shoes which looks like sneakers with a leather jacket looking like some Asian Justin Beiber. Or whatever, it shows up in your vibe, or mindsets.Women were touching my ass lining up, but older ones.

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