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when I say that, it hurts.” Later on in the video, Ricky Romance calls Chris Stokes who seems to admit to the allegations: “I don’t do that anymore, That was me years ago …I just don’t do that in my life anymore.” However, publicly Stokes has denied the claims indicating that they are false accusations.

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The film follows a young businessman whose community service obligations require him to turn a group of misfit kids into a dance team.

For years there has been nasty speculation in the industry about producer Chris Stokes being a child molester.

Those stories were completely unfounded, until now.

Former member of B2K, Raz-B, and older brother, Ricky Romance, are coming out on record making startling allegations that Stokes molested both of them, and most likely all of the other B2K members as well as Marques Houston.

His first film credit came in 2001 as the writer and director of House Party 4, which starred Immature, which by then had transitioned to their new name IMx.

He is perhaps most well known as the writer and director of the 2004 dance movie You Got Served, The film opened at #1 at the box office during Super Bowl weekend with million grossed in its first week.

Although I loved doing Music and music videos, my dream was to direct feature films," Stokes says.

Stokes is still involved as a consultant for Omarion and Marques Houston's careers.

Chris posted up the couple on his Instagram page, praising their union. ” Miya replied in the comments, “Thanks dad love you.” Stokes advised that Marques and Miya “keep Jehovah first” in his praise, but some folks aren’t here for their union.

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