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It’s not just to cure her own loneliness, but to make sure her kids don’t have to worry about her, either.

"I learned so much about myself and so much about how I react to different situations," she shared.

aired on TLC and chronicled the lives of the gigantic family — but Jon and Kate’s marriage couldn’t stand strong through the pressure of fame.

Hannah also lives with her dad in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Mady and Cara, on the other hand, seem to have a bit more of a strained relationship with their father.

After a messy legal battle and fights over money and custody, the two are divorced and in better places emotionally.

And now, it seems Kate is finally ready to enter the dating scene again. I’m not having it aired out for the public’s consumption.

There was certainly interest to have Jon stay on the show, too, even while they were getting a divorce, Us Weekly reports. And I’m not having reruns so my children can keep on watching the demise of their parents,” he said. 1 priority are her kids — but they’re growing up fast.

People reminds us the twins, Mady and Cara, started their senior year of high school in 2018.

Everyone deserves to be happy."Kate chimed in later and said the 18-year-old twins will be "weighing in and helping me out" when it comes to dating.

She divulged that it was "difficult" to articulate to her matchmakers what specific qualities she wanted in a potential date, which led to a lot of "awkwardness, uncomfortable, terrified reactions." She called the dates "hit or miss" and said she felt "awkward" much of the time.

In that span of time, Jon and Kate got divorced, dealt with custody issues and more.

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