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Around 240 years of tradition stand behind the dedication to fulfil perfection.

This is guaranteed by the coat of arms and family motto on every glass: "Fidelitas" – loyalty.

The latter period began with an expansion of the castle in the Romantic style, and even today the Margrave of Baden regularly pays a visit. Tourists, gourmands, wine lovers, conference attendees and fans of first-class events: all find what they are looking for.

Which is all made possible by what is offered: a wine bar, a modern enoteca, the farm shop and a chocolaterie in combination with the Lindenhof, the spacious terrace and conference rooms. What was historically the servants quarters is now the venue for an annual, four-day jazz festival.

In my experience of operating this equipment, there are a few companies that always come out on top but MEIKO’s customer service is second to none.”Also praising MEIKO’s customer service is Adam Doffman, Sales Manager at Commercial Catering Contracts.

“We’ve had nothing but excellent service from MEIKO UK and from Regional Sales Manager Martin Pinder.

The wall separating the hall and wine bar is opened for JAZZ NIGHTS and a hint of MTV Unplugged is heard through the walls.

Even the renowned Swedish jazz pianist and composer Jacob Karlzon was here jamming at the beginning of the festival.

And it benefits the indoor climate, whether in a wash-up area or behind the counter of a bar.

Tradition and modernity meet at Staufenberg Castle, from the castle wall to the dishwashing area.

The machine's speed is also appreciated, because the wash cycle is about 30 seconds shorter. "Since the machine washes much faster, we need fewer glasses and nothing is left here standing around", says Stäbler referring to the return station, which always used to be full of dirty washware. The new Comfort Air technology reduces steam by up to 80 %.

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