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Prior to Sirius XM, Covino worked at WXRK-FM (KROCK) in New York City, former home of Howard Stern.

Rich hosts Covino & Rich, which talks women, lifestyle, comedy, sports and music every morning on Sirius XM’s Faction Talk 103.

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Covino & Rich release a weekly "Best of the Week" podcast across all podcast platforms.

It is a best of their Sirius XM show, featuring curated content from their daily show.

The Covino and Rich Show was formerly branded with Maxim magazine, but maintains the same format focused on pop culture, girls, relationships, sports, comedy, celebrities, and music. Steve Covino is a host on the 90s/2000s hard rock station Turbo (formerly Octane) while Rich Davis is a host on the 2000s pop station Pop2K.

The duo was originally formed to broadcast a test show on Maxim Radio which debuted on December 16, 2004.

He’s a talented performer, famous for his portrayal since Jonas about the lonelygirl15 movies show, its own spinoff Kate Modern and its movie series, LG15: The Opposition.

He’s also famous for his direct role in the movie You, Just Better. Since 2005, he’s appeared in a lot of movies, TV show and advertising.

Formerly self-dubbed “The Baddest Latin in Manhattan,” he now goes by the equally ego-driven nickname “L. Playa by la playa.” A defender of NJ, and a proud Yankees fan, Covino also has a passion for rock music, bringing that to life every night as the host of Sirius XM Turbo 41.

Covino & Rich have also transitioned to TV, hosting a daily pop culture & sports show on NBC Sports NY affiliate SNY.

Being so popular and racing, folks wish to understand him but he’s managed to maintain his private life far in the media.

Speaking about his heritage, he’s not a homosexual.

Friend In Need: Relationship drama for "Marie Stiller," the guy she dated started to drift, later to find, he was cheating with an ex who doesn't have much going for herself, but "Marie" has everything going for her.

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