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In 2003 he was a participant of the Im Puls Tanz dance WEB scholarship in Vienna.On his return, he established his own company as the artistic director and founder of the TLCDC that staged and toured several productions such as "Surkh", "Out of the Box," "After 8" and more recently "Scrambled Eggs or Sunny Side Up" In 2005 he established the Terence Lewis Academy - a premier training school, offering partly funded scholarships for talented young dancers in the country to train professionally in contemporary dance incorporating both Indian and western dance disciplines!

Borrowing from Yoga, the classic Kathak and Kalaripayattu – the ancient Indian martial art form – the class offers a rich and multi-layered content.

Yogic asana and breathing patterns form an integral part of the learning process.

The Kathak Mudras (hand gestures) lend a symbolic meaning to the physical movement.

With the chanting of Om the inner reverberations are used to lead the movement.

The locomotors exercises across the floor will use Kalaripayattu leg exercises, animal stances and release-based work for transitions.

These will work with physical alignment and concepts used to condition the body for dynamic work.

Improvisation and tasks to help us make segments of material will also figure during the Workshop.

Hard core movement, spirituality and an inner balance no longer have to be divided and separated.

Whilst working our physicality, we also tap into our inner self, which lies at the very core of all Indian philosophies.

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