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In The Grand Seduction, out May 30, Kitsch plays a preppy, clean-cut -- albeit cocaine-addicted -- doctor who's being unknowingly wooed to stay in a Newfoundland fishing village by a group of out-of-work fisherman. I mean that will never leave his side, those beers.

Here we catch up with everyone's favorite cult cutie to talk football vs. Ideally, I want the best for him, so him and Billy coaching together -- that would be a hilarious skit if they were head coaches.

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There is no animal known as the "Swits rabbit." Different rabbit species have different scientific names, and there's many different rabbit species.

All domestic rabbits belong to the European Rabbit species and their scientific name is Oryctolagus cuniculus.

Anyone who's watched the football-focused TV phenomenon Friday Night Lights has felt the seductive pull of Taylor Kitsch's swoon-worthy character Tim Riggins. Depending on if Tyra wanted to get outta Dillon again, who knows. The duality he lived, there was so much to explore, and that's all you want as an actor. As an actor you grow exponentially when you take a risk like that, so I definitely feel that I've grown leaps and bounds from that film.

That brooding bad-boy swagger, stringy-sexy hair, guarded vulnerability, fullback-toned bod and Lonesome Cowboy accent -- damn, y'all. On May 25th, he'll star alongside PAPER Beautiful Person Jonathan Groff in HBO's TV movie The Normal Heart, which is based on Larry Kramer's original play of the same name about a gay activist attempting to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Being educated and being around that whole community was a grounding thing -- the chance to hang out and talk with Larry Kramer and all these guys who lived through it and fought for their lives and to be heard.

Then again, Rachel couldn’t really deny it seeing as how she and Taylor have been spotted out on dates on more than one occasion, and most recently they were photographed having an early lunch on July 18 and it looked like they had spent the night together and just rolled out of bed.

When asked about her relationship with Taylor Kitsch in a recent interview, Rachel Mc Adams teased, “Weird, right? Taylor is taken by Rachel’s wisdom and how down to earth she is after all of her success.

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It is literally one of the ten best trails to hike on the planet and I was running that everyday. Speaking of Tim Riggins, where and how do you picture him now?

What did you miss the most about being away from Austin? There was a Subway in the next town, which was an hour drive away and that was glorious. But I loved being out there with the guys and playing Riggins was just too much fun.

Carmol Taylor, most famous for writing "The Grand Tour", has a nephew named Ronnie Taylor, President of Taylor Management Agency.

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