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There are three options for playing audio and video media in Windows Media Player 11.These include audio CDs and video DVDs, media stored on your hard disk, and media accessible over a home network.But correct album arts are displayed while playing the media.

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NOTE Vista doesn't come from Microsoft with DVD playback capability, except in the editions containing Media Center—Vista Home Premium and Vista Ulimate.

If your version of Vista does not contain Media Center and you want to play back DVD video and files, you must first install a hardware or software DVD decoder on your system.

Click Tools Scroll down to Options Click on Options Select Library Under Library scroll to “Retrieve additional information from the internet” Uncheck the box against “Retrieve additional information from the internet” Click OK/Apply.

I do have a large number of items in my main Photos library (85,000 ), but I don't understand why the library is constantly updating.

If you insert a DVD and it doesn't run, that's probably the problem.

Installing a decoder is typically a simple software update you can download from the Web.

To set this option, choose “tools” menu and then select Options.

Windows media player 12 constantly updating media library Why is wmp12 constantly updating the media library.

I've tried increasing the interval between library scans, which didn't help much.

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