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A Woman can authorise any person, for example a welfare worker, family member or friend to make the application for a protection order.An authorised person must have written authority of the aggrieved spouse to represent her at the court hearing.You must sign the declaration on the form in front of a Justice of the Peace or a solicitor.

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Police Prosecutors are located at Magistrates Courts and can present the aggrieved spouses application to the court.

If a Woman wishes to have the police prosecutor represent her she will need to tick this on the protection order application.

The police are also directed under policy guidelines to make use of powers under other relevant acts, such as the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, in terms of investigating a domestic violence incident.

Even though the police have these powers to protect, investigate and prosecute in domestic violence situations, women do not always see the police using these powers.

Protection orders seek to prevent further violence from occurring rather than dealing with previous violence by way of punishment.

Protection orders come under civil law with the potential for criminal action if there is a breach of a protection order.

It is important that women have support to place pressure on police to use the powers they have. If the abuser is in custody they will be released on conditions decided by the watchhouse keeper within four hours if the application for a protection order has not been heard and decided, or sooner if a protection order is made.

Protection orders are made by Magistrates at Magistrates Courts.

Under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act, the victim is know as the aggrieved spouse and the perpetrator of the violence is the respondent spouse.

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